Standing Up For All Walks Of Life
Over 50 Years Of Combined Experience

Standing Up For All Walks Of Life
Over 50 Years of Combined Experience

At Myers & Wallace, LLP, our attorneys are here to listen to you. No matter what legal issues you may be facing, our Fort Wayne office is ready to provide personalized services to make your case go smoothly.

Streamline Legal Issues In Indiana With Professional Help

The Protection You Need For
Employment Law And Civil Rights Issues

As a hardworking employee, you should feel safe and valued at your company. Unfortunately, many Indiana workers continue to face unnecessary hardships at their jobs. Attorneys Christopher C. Myer have helped individuals over the years with a wide variety of employee legal issues such as harassment, discrimination, wage claims and retaliation. They have also served as counsel in numerous class action civil rights cases throughout the state. No matter if you were mistreated because of your age, race, religion or disability, we welcome you with open arms to find a solution so you can exercise your rights and move on with your life.

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Building up a Strong Criminal Defense for
Frightening Times

Criminal charges in Indiana are nothing to scoff at. Getting accused of a misdemeanor or felony can result in serious damage toward your life. You may spend time in jail, pay hefty fines and your criminal record can put hard limits on potential job prospects. You need someone who is familiar with the state’s laws and has practiced them for years so they can drastically reduce or eliminate these charges altogether. Thankfully, attorney Nicholas Wallace knows what’s at stake with your case and will do all he can to ensure you get the representation you need.

Starting Your Post Marital
Life On The Right Foot

If your marriage unfortunately did not end up working out, it’s essential that you approach your divorce with the proper guidance. Approaching it recklessly can result in you losing more money, property and custody time with your child. Our firm is ready to sit down and listen to the conditions surrounding your divorce so we can develop a plan specifically tailored for your needs. We know that not all family disputes are the same, so we make sure to aim you toward the right direction during this difficult period of your life.

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