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We Help Indiana Individuals Stand Up For Themselves

Double whammy: LGBTQ people of color face worst discrimination

Residents of Fort Wayne and other areas of Indiana may want to learn more about workplace discrimination where the person is a person of color and is LGBTQ. The combination makes it difficult to determine what the discrimination stems from.

According to USA Today, the effects of discrimination multiply as different identities are targeted. Recent studies show that LGBTQ people of color experience more discrimination in the workplace. They also face it in housing and other areas, more so than white LGBTQ people.

Poor mental health may be a result

According to a study by Cornell Health, some of the results of this discrimination may show up as the following:

  • Poor mental health
  • Poor physical health
  • Economic insecurity
  • Psychological distress

Cornell’s Center for the Study of Inequality in New York comes to conclusions

LGBTQ people of color comprise approximately 42% of the LGBTQ population. This compares with 32% of non-LGBTQ people. These people face a higher chance of racial or LGBTQ discrimination. This may lead to greater psychological harm.

A higher concentration of Black LGBTQ Americans may live in the south, where there are fewer state protections for LGBTQ discrimination. Federal non-discrimination protections are important in employment law as well as in other areas. Laws supporting LGBTQ people as well as LGBTQ people of color are necessary.

More harm to LGBTQ people of color

Of all the LGBTQ Americans that took the survey, 36% reported experiencing more discrimination than the previous year in their public, work or personal lives. LGBTQ people of color reported a 43% increase in discrimination, in contrast to the 31% of white LGBTQ respondents.

Discrimination in hiring and staying hired

More than half of Black LGBTQ people felt anti-LGBTQ discrimination harmed their chances of being hired, as well as the ability to remain in the job. This compares to a third of white people in the same situations.

If you or a loved one are facing discrimination in the workplace, it is smart to contact an attorney with experience and knowledge of the laws. They may help you with defending your rights, whether discrimination is in one area or more.