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We Help Indiana Individuals Stand Up For Themselves

Tips for parents talking to children about divorce

There are many difficult aspects to getting a divorce, but one of the most difficult is talking to the kids about it. Parents in Indiana who are worried about doing this in the best way may benefit from the tips below.

How to share

Ideally, both parents should break the news to all of their children at the same time. This prevents the possibility that one child will hear it from a sibling and also gives kids a sense of their parents continuing to work as a team despite the impending divorce. Unfortunately, there may be situations in which this is not possible, but if this is the case, the parent sharing the news should avoid blaming the other parent and reassure children that the divorce is not their fault.

Children’s reactions

Children may have a range of reactions to the news. Some may appear as though they are having no reaction at all while others may be extremely emotional. Parents should keep in mind that all of these responses are normal and should leave space for kids to feel and express a variety of things. Some children may have many questions, which parents should try to answer appropriately, while others might not want to talk about it at all. Parents do not need to hide their emotions from their children, but they should not overwhelm then either. They should also given children time to adjust to the news.

Necessary information

Parents should not share the details of why the divorce is happening with the children, but they can give general reasons, such as explaining that their relationship is no longer working. Children do need information about how the divorce will affect them, such as if one parent is moving out and who they will live with.

Divorce can be tough on children, but they can adjust with parental support. In the best case scenario, parents can present a united front when it comes to loving and caring for their children even if the marriage is ending. However, even when this is not possible, reassurance and good communication can make a big difference.