We Help Indiana Individuals
Stand Up For Themselves

We Help Indiana Individuals Stand Up For Themselves

Police Brutality In Fort Wayne, Indiana

Being pulled over by the police is frustrating for most people, but it can be downright frightening for others. At Myers & Wallace, LLP, our staff is committed to protecting your rights when the local police step out of line. There’s never a good reason for an officer to injure you if you’re following their requests.

Understanding Verbal Police Brutality

You may wonder what a police brutality case involves. If you emerged from an altercation without any physical bruises, you may still have a case. Police brutality also involves verbal attacks. Racial and gender slurs, for example, can be just as offensive as a physical altercation. When you contact our staff, we’ll interview you about the incident. You should give us your honest description about the altercation so we can create a strong case for you should you have a claim.

When Bruises Are Visible

At times, excessive force might be involved. If you’ve had a physical altercation with the police, it’s important to contact us and document those injuries. Bruises are physical evidence that are important to your case. Ask a loved one to take photos of the injuries as soon as possible and take more photos the next day as bruises slowly mature.

When you’re concerned about being involved in a police altercation, contact our staff for advice at 260-264-4914. Myers & Wallace, LLP is ready to serve your needs as professionally as possible.