We Help Indiana Individuals
Stand Up For Themselves

We Help Indiana Individuals Stand Up For Themselves

Strong Criminal Defense Solutions

No one wants to be arrested and charged with a crime. The potential fines, jail time and reputation damage could be catastrophic to your life. It is critical to fight back aggressively against the charges you’re facing to protect your freedom and your future.

At Myers & Wallace, LLP, our lawyers provide aggressive, effective criminal defense representation for clients in Fort Wayne and throughout Indiana. With more than 50 years of combined experience, our attorneys know the law and we know how to get the results you need. In many cases, we are able to uncover problems that could result in the charges being thrown out of court. When this is impossible, we will look for any way possible to minimize the damages these charges will have on your life.

Defense Against A Range Of Charges

At Myers & Wallace, LLP, our lawyers provide strong defense against charges that include:

  • Driving under the influence: Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs is a common, yet no less serious, criminal charge. Whether you are facing these charges for the first time or this is a second or subsequent offense, our attorneys will fight aggressively to help you out from under intoxicated driving charges.
  • Drug crimes: We provide strong criminal defense against charges that include possession, possession with intent, growth and cultivation, possession of paraphernalia, trafficking, prescription drug crimes and related charges.
  • Violent crimes: Our attorneys can defend you against any type of violent crime charge, including assault, battery, burglary, domestic violence and other violent crime charges.
  • Theft crimes: Theft crimes can include robbery, petty theft and a range of white collar crimes like embezzlement and fraud. Our lawyers will fight to help you avoid a conviction.
  • Traffic violations: We also represent clients in speeding tickets, parking violations and other traffic-related issues.

Whatever charges you are facing, our lawyers are here to fight for you. We understand the seriousness of the consequences that would come with a conviction. Our attorneys are prepared to bring the best defense possible against these charges.

Putting Your Life Back Together

Even if you have been convicted, or had your license suspended, the attorneys at Myers & Wallace, LLP can help you navigate the difficult process of getting your life back on track.  Those services include:

  • Expungements: We can assist you in sealing your criminal records to restore your civil rights and protect you from discrimination from potential employers.
  • Specialized Driving Privileges: We can help you drive again even if your license has been suspended.
  • Appeals: Our attorneys have extensive experience bringing your case to a higher court to have it reviewed for violations of your rights.
  • Sentence Modifications: Under certain circumstances, your sentence may be modified in your favor, and our attorneys can walk you through that process.

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