We Help Indiana Individuals
Stand Up For Themselves

We Help Indiana Individuals Stand Up For Themselves

Employment Discrimination In Fort Wayne, Indiana

Feeling valued at work is an important part of your career. However, discrimination can occur at any time and without warning. You might believe your work ethic and productivity are superior but suddenly get laid off. At Myers & Wallace, LLP, we can try to determine if your case is based on discrimination. A few situations that might lead to a possible discrimination case include:

  • Pregnancy discrimination
  • Disability discrimination
  • Gender prejudice

Understanding Racial Discrimination

Racism can show up in very subtle ways within the workplace. You might have nearly identical skills as a coworker, but you’re never chosen for a promotion. If you suspect that race is a factor, contacting our staff should be your next course of action. Legal representatives can objectively evaluate a situation and verify if the race is a concern.

Disabled Employee Concerns

Some employees might have a mental disability that makes them a target for discrimination. If the employee is fulfilling their duties, there should be no cause for termination or other penalties. Disabled people may feel shunned, however, if their employer is trying to oust them from their position. Lawyers with a background in employment harassment can help these workers find a fair balance within the workplace.

Religion can also be a basis for discrimination at work. Your job’s stability should have no connection to religion, race or gender. The only parameters you can be judged by are the duties you promised to fulfill. Legal representatives can look over your job duties and verify if a termination was warranted. Wrongful termination is a situation that you want to remedy as soon as possible. Our firm wants to help make your office a fair place for every talented employee, give us a call today at